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Here's what one reader had to say:

The greatest compliment I can pay after reading any work of fiction is “I wish the story would go on and on.” I enjoy a good series…

I am enamored with the characters…Anne and that brother of hers Tobias … and Thomas, well!… “What else happens to them?” The layers in this story and the vibrancy of the characters makes me want more!

“The Maid and the Mid”, a novella, has all the things you might hope for in a historical mystery – a plot that goes hand and glove with history, a secondary plot that is sure to bring a smile and a young female character that shows all the promise of the woman she will become. There is also the hint of something more that intrigues me but… that is all that I will say on that!

I hope that the author considers involving the characters into more new and exciting adventures… Until then, I fully expect to enjoy reading “The Private Misadventures of Nell Nobody”!

KT McWilliams

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