Welcome to my Worlds

Delighted to make your acquaintance

I hope you’re a reader. Because I have ideas to share.


My genre is historical fiction, but truthfully, I’ll write whatever fires my imagination. Some of it may even see print one day. The thing is, I’m kind of particular. Like those guys who would sell no wine before its time, I won’t publish a work until I’m convinced it’s ready for you. 


The Eleanor Anson trilogy is in the pipeline already, though, with the first book now available on Amazon.com, Nook, Apple Books, and at retail bookshops. The second book of the series will be released in 2023. And if you subscribe to my newsletter, I’ll send you the novella The Maid and the Mid, A Supernatural Sea Story.  Free and exclusive; this is the only place you can get it.


Check out my blog, too. I’m not quite as  meticulous about the stuff I post there, but I hope you’ll find something to like.  And I’d love to hear from you, so please do post comments!


Welcome to my worlds. I hope you will enjoy spending time here as much as I do.