“I did not want to put it down…”

Dr Judy Pearson

What a charming book! I read in bed at night and I have to admit I stayed up longer than I should have each time I picked it up. I did not want to put it down and go to sleep!

The writing is flawless. The dialog is convincing. The plot flows like a babbling brook, carrying the reader along at an agreeable pace, yet with the unexpected turns and twists that make the story a heady delight! The reader gets to read Nell’s/Ned’s moment – to – moment “diary” so that we know not only what happened, but her thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and memories.

The book starkly depicts the horrific plight of women at the hands of predatory men, as well as the hardships and  harrowing experiences of a sailor’s life aboard a ship in the Age of Sail. Where and when, the clothing of the era, shipboard food, duties, and the parts of the ships all lend authenticity to the tale. The author did her research well!






“Noteworthy Glimpse of British Naval History”

Amazon Review

Refreshingly different picture of life at sea in the British Navy in the late 1700’s. The book is an unusually personal romantic depiction of Admiral Horatio Nelson’s early Mediterranean adventures battling the French and Spanish both on land and sea as a Flag Officer. As a current day work of historical fiction, the book has an almost dream-like perspective with much of the swashbuckling action described as only a dedicated researcher could achieve.

(This review refers to the paperback edition of The Private Misadventures of Nell Nobody. )




“A very good read

from an unexpected point of view…”

Graham Capel




I requested and received permission from Graham Capel to post this review. It is not available electronically, so this is my inelegant solution… It was published in The Nelson Dispatch, the journal of The Nelson Society, Vol. 14 Part 8, Autumn 2022.


“I wish the story would go on and on.”

K T McWilliams

The greatest compliment I can pay after reading any work of fiction is “I wish the story would go on and on.” I enjoy a good series…





The Maid and the Mid, a novella, has all the things you might hope for in a women’s historical mystery – a plot that goes hand and glove with history, a secondary plot that is sure to bring a smile and a young female character that shows all the promise of the woman she will become. There is also the hint of something more that intrigues me but… that is all that I will say on that!

I am enamored with the characters…Anne and that brother of hers Tobias … and Thomas, well!… “What else happens to them?”  The layers in this story and the vibrancy of the characters makes me want more!

I hope that the author considers involving the characters into more new and exciting adventures… Until then, I fully expect to enjoy reading The Private Misadventures of Nell Nobody!



“Five stars from this reader!”

Jessica Turgoose

The Maid and the Mid is a wonderful, engaging story and, as to be expected from author Jennifer Newbold, extremely well-written and researched. The element of the supernatural adds a surprising twist. It is a fictional story inspired by actual events in the young life of Horatio Nelson with the introduction of two young people traveling with their family from India to England on HMS Dolphin. A hint of romance will appeal to any lover of that genre of fiction like myself. Five stars from this reader! I hope to enjoy reading so much more of Jennifer’s writing. I’ve read The Private Misadventures of Nell Nobody and can’t wait to read the next book in the series!