“Why on earth do I say this is my favourite naval historical novel of the year? Simple: the book presents a thoroughly good story, well researched, credibly imagined, skilfully written, emotionally persuasive, and completely absorbing.”

Stephen Howarth


“…the major aspect of this book that makes it so rounded and complete is the study of relationships at every level: from messmates, known so well as to be distinguishable by their farts at night, to the commander-in-chief, himself facing such infinitely greater responsibilities – and in between, that young, forceful, and sensitive naval captain.”



“Rousing historical adventure of a woman undercover on Capt. Nelson’s crew”

Publishers Weekly’s BookLife


“The warm, very human interactions between Nell and Nelson… give heart to a story that will be appreciated by lovers of naval adventure. Newbold’s knowledge of history and seamanship shines throughout, and as a storyteller she conjures tense, sometimes frightening scenarios with power. Historical readers with a love for sea adventures, complex characters, and more than a few life-and-death situations will find this a rousing read.”




“Newbold ably transports readers to the past and gives them a you-are-there experience”

Cindy Vallar, Pirates & Privateers


“Aside from being a good introduction to Nelson and the Royal Navy, it is also an untraditional love story. Readers who seek to read a story set during the French Revolution without the nautical terminology and details, will enjoy this telling of a time when Nelson is on the crest of taking center stage. Those who read any of the series set during the days of the revolution or Napoleon’s conquests will also enjoy this memorable story.”


“I did not want to put it down…”

Dr Judy Pearson


“Noteworthy Glimpse of British Naval History”

Amazon Review