Content Warnings


I just read an article about something I never considered when I wrote my books: content warnings.

Content warnings, which I only just learnt about (and I have not yet read a book that contained one), are designed to protect readers from content that might prove disturbing or, in particular, traumatic. I certainly do not want any PTSD survivors to read my books and have the content trigger debilitating memories.

If you as a  reader are offended by questionable moral behaviour,  gender ambiguity, homosexual relations, profanity, less-than-PC descriptions of particular types of people (unfortunate or not, there were no ‘PC’ considerations in the eighteenth century)… then the books are probably not for you. 

But if you suffer from any kind of post-traumatic stress, I want you to be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to read these books.

The Eleanor Anson trilogy contains scenes describing warfare, dismemberment, sexual violence, (non-explicit) eroticism, childbirth, violent death, infant mortality, and wilful murder. The published versions of The Private Misadventures of Nell Nobody  do not contain content warnings.

Whew. Having written that, I don’t want to give the impression that this is the ONLY content in my books! There is also humour, romance, triumph of the human spirit, cussed determination, cherished companionship, and heroic action in the face of adversity.

So given what I’ve just disclosed, you decide.


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