Random Acts of Kindness?

Recently I’ve been receiving complementary, encouraging comments on my posts. Each blog post receives the same comment from the same, or a slightly different, IP addresses. 

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this… it seems harmless, but I can’t figure out the motivation behind them. I have not approved or responded to these comments because if this is the work some sort of warm-fuzzies bot, it doesn’t need reciprocal positive reenforcement; and I (like all of us, I suppose) have been the target of too many exploitative emails recently trying to disguise themselves as something benign. So if they’re well-meant, I truly appreciate the kind words. If they’re just random acts of kindness, that’s okay too, I suppose. If they’re concealing some ulterior motive, please stop; there’s enough manipulation and exploitation in the world already and all it’s doing is making us jaded, which is why I have trouble accepting random complements in the spirit in which they may (or may not) be meant. That’s sad, isn’t it?


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