Genre Elephant


Do you know the parable about the elephant? A group of blind men examine an elephant, and each describes what it is like based upon the part that he experiences. So for one man, the elephant is like a snake. For another it is like a tree trunk. For another it is like a wall. And so forth.

I am beginning to think that my book The Private Misadventures of Nell Nobody is like that elephant. It doesn’t fit the tropes of any specific genre. It has adventure, but it is not strictly an adventure novel. It is biographical, yet the biography isn’t that of the protagonist. It has elements of romance, but it is not a romance novel. This makes it hard to find the readers who will love it. And I do so want you to love it.

So I am asking you, my readers. If you have read The Private Misadventures of Nell Nobody, how would you describe it? What kind of creature is it to you?



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