Adventure, Romance, Heroism, and Glamour on the High Seas

Erm… maybe not glamour. 

Not unless your idea or glamour is dirt, blood, sweat, and tears. And no romance upfront, either. You have to… wait for it. 

Damn, I hate truth in advertising. Okay, heroism on the high seas. 

Here I was hoping to sell you a voyage to the beautiful Mediterranean, with exotic locations, dashing heroes, a compelling leading man, an intrepid heroine, disguise, bravery, and adventure, all for far less than the cost of a cruise (and without any risk of catching Covid or Norovirus). Don’t get me wrong. It’s got all that. I’m just not terribly good at being my own publicist.

I got the publisher’s proof on Friday. It was… strangely thrilling… to hold it in my two hands! I’ve had things published in magazines and newsletters, but this is my first book. Indulge me, please, whilst I marvel.

It’s likely to be a soft launch. I don’t have the weight of a large publisher behind me, so I’ll do the best I can. My friends are looking for a launch party, God love them. I know it’s more about the drinks and nibbles… but any excuse for a party, right? And I’m extraordinarily grateful for their support! Anybody interested in a beer in the snug bar at the Colonial Inn…?

It’s not about to compete with Top Gun: Maverick, but I suppose you can take it to the beach, or read it on the train, or take it on your cruise…!  It’s not an ‘important’ novel, but I flatter myself that it’s equally as deep as the stuff you can pick up in the news-sellers at the airport.

I hope you’ll give it a try. I’ll post links to the outlets where you can buy it on my home page when it’s available. 






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